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How MarketJoy Turbocharged Curry Supply’s Lead-Gen Engine

52 Leads in 5 Months

About Curry Supply:

Positioned as one of America’s premier manufacturers, Curry Supply has been the lifeblood of numerous industrial sectors.
From construction to agriculture, their specialized industrial trucks serve as the backbone, ensuring these industries never face a standstill.
With a commitment to design, engineering, manufacturing, and dedicated life-long service, Curry Supply has remained at the pinnacle of commercial service vehicle production.


The Objective:

🎯 Augment lead generation with a robust outbound strategy.
🎯 Seamlessly book meetings with Fleet, Equipment, and Purchasing Managers from potential client companies to drive sales of vehicles, parts, and services.


Roadblocks Ahead:

🌐 Previous dependence on non-outbound marketing avenues.
📈 Existing marketing strategies were resource-draining and lacked scalability.
🚀 A vision for expansive growth, hindered by the inefficiencies of current outreach methods.


MarketJoy’s Action Plan:

  1. Deep Dive with Curry Supply: We initiated an exploratory phase, delving into the nuances of their business, market position, and comparison with peers.
  2. USP Identification: Drawing out the core benefits of partnering with Curry Supply, we collated a series of compelling selling propositions.
  3. Tactical Email Outreach: With comprehensive knowledge of Curry Supply’s target demographics and key selling points, we launched a persuasive outbound email campaign tailored to address the unique requirements of potential clients.

Milestones Achieved:

The initial two months saw a promising onset with 7 leads. However, with continuous feedback and strategy optimization, the campaign witnessed a paradigm shift.

The subsequent three months exploded with a whopping 45 leads! The key to this success was MarketJoy’s ability to spotlight Curry Supply’s brand to a previously unreachable audience of qualified prospects.

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