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71 Quality Leads in 12 Months for FAC’s Lead Pipeline with MarketJoy!

Boosting FAC’s Lead Pipeline

“MarketJoy is a reliable and consistent outsourced email marketing team. They consistently delivered and we never worried about them going off-script from our predetermined email templates because of the trust that they built with us. Not only did they deliver great leads to us, but they also shared the list of target contacts with us that our sales team was able to use in tandem.
After receiving leads from their team for several months, they actually helped us re-define our target customers based off of the interactions we were getting to have with these leads.
We had never used an email marketing vendor before MarketJoy, but their eagerness to work with us made us feel comfortable. Overall, I have been very impressed with MarketJoy and so has our sales team.”

– Taylor Phillip, Director Of Marketing, Forensic Analytical Consulting Services, Inc.


About Forensic Analytical Consulting Services, Inc. (FACS):

Spanning over 35 years of unparalleled expertise, FACS stands tall as one of America’s most distinguished industrial hygiene consulting firms. With a dedicated team of over 150 professionals spread across major US cities, FACS is the epitome of public health assurance.

Armed with Certified Industrial Hygienists, environmental consultants, and an array of experts, they have diligently served diverse clients from healthcare professionals to insurance companies since 1986.

Their holistic services range from asbestos and mold surveys, indoor air quality evaluations, to litigation support and much more. Above all, their commitment is crystal-clear: safeguarding the health of staff, visitors, and ensuring known hazards are managed with utmost proficiency.


The Challenge:

Despite being a dominant force in the industrial hygiene consulting landscape for over 35 years, FACS faced the daunting challenge of tapping into the power of email marketing.
With an extensive array of services and a vast client base, they needed a precise, targeted, and effective strategy to both engage their existing clients and attract potential ones.


MarketJoy’s Solution:

Over a dedicated span of 12 months, MarketJoy crafted and executed a meticulous lead generation strategy tailored for FACS.
Delivering an average of 10 premium leads every month, the collaboration yielded a remarkable total of 71 quality leads.

Beyond numbers, MarketJoy’s approach enriched FACS’s sales strategy, offering them a comprehensive list of target contacts and valuable insights to redefine their target audience.


Key Achievements:

➔ Precision Tailored Strategy: With an in-depth understanding of FACS’s vast services and unique challenges, MarketJoy crafted a lead generation strategy that resonated perfectly with their target audience.

➔ Enhanced Engagement: By using bespoke email templates that embodied FACS’s brand voice, MarketJoy ensured that the content was not only engaging but also built a sense of trust among the recipients.

➔ Invaluable Insights: Post lead delivery, MarketJoy’s continuous feedback mechanism helped FACS understand the intricacies of their interactions. This led to refining their customer personas and enhancing their marketing strategies further.

➔ End-to-End Collaboration: From understanding FACS’s vision to sharing lists of potential contacts, MarketJoy acted as a genuine partner, ensuring that FACS’s sales team had all the tools necessary to capitalize on the leads.


Your Move, Your Growth!

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