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MarketJoy’s Blueprint Amplifies Outreach for DBM Cloud Systems

Bridging Software with Lead-Gen Success

📍 Location: Burlingame, CA
💻 Industry: Computer Software
Journey Span: 3 months


Spotlight on DBM Cloud Systems:

DBM Cloud Systems is dedicated to enabling global enterprise IT and DevOps professionals to solve the increasing challenges associated with effective replication and migration of high-volume, mission-critical data across a multitude of cloud platforms and evolving storage technologies.


Mission in Sight:

✨ Establish meaningful connections with industry leaders.
✨ Spotlight DBM’s unparalleled cloud migration and replication tools to prospective clients.

Hitches on the Route:

🔄 Prior reliance on referrals and non-outbound marketing.
📈 Inconsistent and hard-to-scale results from existing lead-gen methods
📉 A pressing need to rev up their growth trajectory.


The MarketJoy Gameplan:

  1. Empathy First: We began by delving into DBM’s ecosystem, understanding the distinct challenges they alleviated for clients.
  2. Target Profiling: Identifying DBM’s ideal customer was pivotal, crafting strategies to address their specific needs.
  3. Narrative Craftsmanship: We highlighted DBM’s standout solutions, creating powerful messages that resonated and compelled.
  4. Inbox Invasion: A meticulously planned multi-step email blitz was unleashed, reaching thousands of potential game-changers.
  5. Pulse Check: Constant campaign surveillance ensured we pivoted when needed, optimizing for peak performance.


The Payoff:

We ran a variety of different cold email campaigns, eventually hitting their goals and moving to ramp up from there.


In DBM’s Words:

“I partnered with MarketJoy and have been impressed with their results from month one. I would recommend MarketJoy for start-ups looking to build out their go to market channels. Their reporting and campaign management, along with their flexibility in working with us, has shown MarketJoy to be a strong partner for anyone seeking market insight and strong, sales ready, leads.”

– Dixon Doll, Jr., CEO and Chairman, DBM Cloud Systems, Inc.



Unlock Your Brand’s Potential:

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