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Catalyzing Conversions

MarketJoy Formula Amplifies Lead Gen for Global Lipids Expert ABITEC

📍 Location: Columbus, OH
🧪 Industry: Chemicals
Time invested: 7 months


Spotlight on ABITEC:

In the heart of Columbus, ABITEC isn’t just any chemical firm. They’re industry frontrunners, globally acclaimed for their pioneering work with specialty lipids and surfactants. With an arsenal of expertise, they’re reimagining solubilization, emulsification, and lubrication.


Mission in Focus:

✨ Generate consistent outbound leads.
✨ Book meetings with key decision-makers.
✨ Propel their top-tier solutions into the limelight.

The Hurdles:

🌊 Navigating unpredictable non-outbound marketing results.
🔍 Pinpointing and reaching the decision-makers.
📜 Crafting impactful messages that resonate.

The MarketJoy Solution:

🤝 Understanding ABITEC: Our journey began with an intensive onboarding session, diving deep into ABITEC’s challenges and aspirations.

✍️ Crafting the Message: Drawing from ABITEC’s core strengths, we forged compelling narratives that highlighted their unique offerings.

📧 Email Outreach: With these powerful messages, we launched a systematic multi-step cold email campaign targeting ABITEC’s ideal prospects.

🔍 Iterative Improvement: Monitoring the campaign’s heartbeat, from open rates to actual responses, we continually fine-tuned our strategy, ensuring a consistent influx of high-quality leads.

Achievements Unlocked:

Our collaboration birthed a consistent lead fountain, pouring an average of 12 prime leads every month – all tailored to fit ABITEC’s target profile.

Words from ABITEC:

“Working with MarketJoy has been easy and seamless for us. I am impressed that even with our very complex and technical product offering how quickly they were able to generate valuable content to engage with prospects. We received a significant amount of leads in a small time frame, all of which fit our target audience and profile. We would definitely use MarketJoy again for our lead generation initiatives.”

– Amanda Coulter, Marketing Director, ABITEC Corporation


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