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Peet’s Coffee: From High No-Shows to Consistent Sales Demos with MarketJoy

Peet’s Coffee: A Legacy of Premium Quality and Freshness Since 1966


Peet’s Coffee delivers premium, freshly roasted coffee beans sourced from the best growers worldwide. Established in 1966, Peet’s has a legacy of providing exceptional coffee experiences. Their diverse product range, including beans, brewing equipment, and ready-to-drink options, caters to coffee aficionados who prioritize quality and sustainability.


The Challenge: Tackling No-Shows and Pricing Concerns

Despite its premium product offering, they struggled with high no-show rates for their sales demo appointments. Their calendar invites lacked context, making it easy for prospects to overlook or deprioritize meetings. Furthermore, significant pricing objections from prospects were not being addressed early on, causing further disengagement. This combination of factors resulted in wasted sales efforts and missed revenue opportunities, highlighting an urgent need for a strategic overhaul of their meeting booking and communication processes.


Peet’s Coffee’s Goals:

Peet’s Coffee aimed to significantly increase the show rates for their sales demo appointments, ensuring prospects were well-informed and engaged. They wanted to proactively address pricing concerns during initial outreach to alleviate objections, improve lead conversion rates, and sought to maximize their sales team’s efficiency and productivity by minimizing no-shows and focusing on qualified leads.


MarketJoy crafted a two-step strategy to turn things around:

1. Show Value First: Instead of leading with prices, sales reps were trained to highlight the quality and benefits of Pete’s coffee first. Pricing would come after establishing the Brands superior value. This approach helped prospects understand why Pete’s products were worth the extra cost.

2. Enhanced Calendar Invites: It was identified that the initial plain, context-free invites were uninspiring. MarketJoy recommended enriching the invites with engaging details like “Exclusive Pricing Comparison” to pique interest. This set clear expectations and emphasized the value they would receive. This, combined with the value-building approach, allowed Pete’s sales team to control the narrative.

With these strategies in place, MarketJoy helped the coffee chain improve their show rates significantly. Prospects came to the calls informed and eager to learn more, making it easier for the sales team to close deals.


The Results?

A dramatic increase in show rates and more engaged prospects who appreciated the premium value of Pete’s coffee. This strategic consultation didn’t just solve a problem; it transformed the sales process, converting more leads and maximizing efficiency.

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