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How MarketJoy Powered PlusEnerG with 22 High-Quality Leads in Two Months

“Collaborating with PlusEnerG opened a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase our strategic and tailored approach to lead generation. We’re thrilled with the results and proud to have played a key role in their market expansion.” – The MarketJoy Team


MarketJoy Meets PlusEnerG 🚀

When PlusEnerG, a leading name in rooftop solar solutions and a subsidiary of Prism Solar with Genie Energy holding a major stake, approached MarketJoy, they were looking for more than just lead generation.

They needed a partner who could understand the intricacies of the renewable energy market and help them connect with high-value clients in the commercial and industrial sectors.


The Challenge: Cutting Through the Noise 🎯

In the crowded renewable energy market, PlusEnerG needed to differentiate themselves and showcase their extensive portfolio of efficient, cost-effective solar solutions.

Their aim was not just to generate leads but to foster lasting partnerships that could propel their business to new heights.

The Strategy: A Tailored Approach for Quality Connections 📈

Understanding PlusEnerG
Our first step was to dive deep into what makes PlusEnerG unique. We meticulously studied their offerings, identifying the unique selling points of their solar solutions that set them apart in the competitive market.

Targeted Outreach
Using our in-depth research, we crafted a list of potential clients in the commercial and industrial sectors, ensuring that each lead we pursued was perfectly aligned with PlusEnerG’s offerings and values.

Crafting the Message
Our communications strategy was key. We developed persuasive narratives tailored to highlight PlusEnerG’s unique value proposition, showcasing their commitment to providing customized, high-performance solar solutions.

Showcasing Success
To bolster PlusEnerG’s credibility in the field, we made it a point to highlight their major projects and successes, including their notable work with JPMorgan Chase.


The Results: A Surge of Quality Leads 🏆

In just two months, our partnership with this generated a staggering 22 high-quality leads, averaging at 11 leads per month. These weren’t just any leads; they were targeted, high-potential connections poised to become meaningful partnerships.


Your Next Chapter of Growth Starts with MarketJoy 🔥

If PlusEnerG’s story of lead generation success resonates with you, imagine what a partnership with MarketJoy could do for your business.

Elevate your brand, generate quality leads, and build partnerships that will take your business to new heights.
Ready to transform your lead generation strategy and achieve unparalleled results?



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