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Supercharging Genie Solar’s Pipeline: 140 Quality Leads and Counting with MarketJoy!

About Genie Solar:

Genie Energy Ltd. is a global pioneer in energy solutions that is publicly traded on the NYSE (GNE, GNEPRA). They provide not only electricity to customers in the United States and Europe, but also green solutions derived from renewable resources.

They are at the forefront of designing, constructing, and installing commercial solar energy solutions through subsidiaries such as Genie Solar Energy and Prism Solar.

Not content with that, Diversegy, its brand, provides comprehensive energy brokerage and consultative services to a wide range of commercial and industrial clients.



For Genie Energy, the mission was crystal clear

  1. Amplify their market reach with top-tier, qualified leads.
  2. Boost their brand’s visibility across the US and Europe through targeted campaigns.
  3. Achieve consistent lead generation over the span of the campaign to ensure a steady growth trajectory.



Challenges 💪

  • Niche Market Dynamics: The energy sector, especially the solar segment, is laden with unique market dynamics. Navigating this space meant contending with specific customer preferences, regulatory hurdles, and formidable competitors who had already established their footing.


  • Quality over Quantity: We had to ensure the leads generated were not just numbers but qualified prospects that aligned with Genie Energy’s offerings and vision. It wasn’t about casting a wide net, but about precise targeting.


  • Maintaining Consistency: The energy market is akin to shifting sands, with trends, technologies, and demands constantly in flux. Amidst this unpredictability, maintaining a consistent flow of qualified leads month on month, without compromising on quality, was a tall order. It wasn’t just about adapting, but about preempting and staying two steps ahead of the curve.


The MarketJoy Approach 🚀:

  • Tailored Strategy: Drawing from past experiences, MarketJoy didn’t offer a generic solution. The approach was customized to resonate with Genie Energy’s unique market positioning and goals.


  • Comprehensive Market Analysis: A deep dive into Genie’s business model, competitive landscape, and market trends was conducted to create a strategy that was both effective and adaptable.


  • Precision Targeting: Using our vast databases and industry insights, we ensured that Genie Energy had access to the right audience, effectively filtering out unqualified leads.


Key Achievements 🔥

  • Quick Wins: The partnership kick-started with an impressive 12 new leads within the very first month of the campaign initiation. This immediate success showcased the potential of the collaboration and set the tone for subsequent months.


  • Consistent Performance: Spanning over 40 months, from January 2020 to April 2023, the consistency in lead generation was evident. Genie Energy averaged a steady inflow of 4 high-quality leads every month, ensuring a continuous pipeline of potential clients.


  • Cumulative Success: At the culmination of this period, Genie Energy had a whopping 140 leads in its arsenal, all thanks to the tailor-made strategies and meticulous execution by the MarketJoy team.




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