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MarketJoy Transforming Riverside’s Lead Landscape One Meeting at a Time!

The MarketJoy Difference

About Riverside:

Riverside Risk Advisors LLC is a leading independent advisory firm that specializes in interest rate, currency, and equity derivatives.
Their unique value proposition is their in-depth market knowledge dedicated purely to serving clients, ensuring no conflicts of interest arise.
With an outsourced derivatives deal team in tow, Riverside helps its clients lower costs, improve terms and optimize execution. The title “Best-in-Class” isn’t just a tag – it’s a testament to the brilliance of Riverside’s team.

The Challenge:

Operating in a niche financial sector, Riverside’s outreach methods weren’t yielding the expected results.
They had dabbled with LinkedIn to find contact details, but this was a time-consuming endeavor that often led to dead ends.
With the objective of expanding its client base, Riverside required a robust solution that could identify the right people in their target companies without going through the tedious manual process.


Enter MarketJoy:

Riverside’s partnership with MarketJoy proved to be a game-changer.
Here’s how we added value:

★ Customized Approach: Our team, led by the commendable Raj, dove deep into Riverside’s unique requirements. We didn’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution but tailored our strategies to resonate with Riverside’s specialized nature.
★ Swift Turnarounds: Our commitment to responsiveness ensured that Riverside’s queries and requests were always addressed promptly.
★ Precision Targeting: Gone were the days of endless LinkedIn searches. With MarketJoy’s databases, Riverside had access to accurate email addresses of decision-makers in their target firms.


The Outcome:

Although every lead did not transition to immediate business due to Riverside’s specialized domain, one crucial lead, initially provided by MarketJoy, matured into a significant deal. This wasn’t just a meeting booked; it was a door opened to potential and growth. As a result of their investment in MarketJoy, Riverside was able to close deals with huge brands, including Amtrak and Vonage.


Riverside Speaks:

“MarketJoy’s team was genuinely invested in our success. Their custom solutions, combined with their responsiveness, gave us the edge we needed. We sealed a deal with a lead they provided, transforming a mere introduction into a lucrative engagement. Their expertise is unmatched – while other lead generation firms knock on our door, our answer remains, ‘no thanks, we’re good.’ MarketJoy comes highly recommended from Riverside.”

– Joyce Frost, Co-Founder & Partner at Riverside Risk Advisors

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