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Unlocking High-Quality Healthcare Leads for Turn-Key Health with MarketJoy

“The only negative thing I experienced when working with MarketJoy is that I did not hire them sooner. I thought I could do it better in-house but MarketJoy helped show me the value of leveraging an outsource partner. I wish I had hired them sooner!”


– John W. Halsey, Vice President, Business Development, Turn-Key Health


📍   Location: Connecticut, USA

🧪 Industry: Healthcare

⏳  Timeframe: 12 Months


Generating high-quality leads can be a grueling task in today’s fiercely competitive healthcare market.

Turn-Key Health found a solution by outsourcing their lead generation to MarketJoy, and unlocked the secret to consistently generating an average of 10 high-quality leads per month. Here’s how they did it.

About Turn Key Health: 📝

Turn-Key brings a structured, scalable process around palliative care that drives consistent quality member outcomes across broad geographic regions.

For the first time, health plans and other risk-bearing entities can take advantage of an end-to-end approach. Turn-Key offers a highly structured, uniform, and standardized clinical program to guide the delivery of expert-level palliative care to members with an advanced or serious illness.


The Challenge: Book Meetings with Healthcare Leaders and Decision-Makers: 🤯

Generating leads in the healthcare vertical is no easy task. Healthcare is a unique industry and it can be challenging to generate new interest. Communication must be respectful, direct, and valuable.

Although they were an innovator in the healthcare space, Turn-Key had been doing lead generation in-house and needed to accelerate the number of sales conversations they were having with prospects to hit their aggressive revenue goals.



While keeping lead generation in-house can be a viable strategy, it consumes valuable company resources that can be directed elsewhere. Outbound prospecting requires systems, processes, and an entire team to build lead lists, craft compelling messages, contact prospects, nurture them, and iterate on the campaign.

All of this takes time away from actually selling and closing deals. That’s where MarketJoy Came in.



Campaign Goal: Generate Outbound Lead Flow: 🎯

Booking qualified meetings or demos with Senior Medical Directors can be harder than it sounds. Key decisions-makers in the healthcare market are a difficult audience to reach.

Pinning down the ideal audience for Turn-Key’s solutions was step one. Then, we needed to clearly conveying their unique value to this target group. The messaging needed to be direct, to the point, and compelling enough to encourage prospects to respond and schedule a meeting.


The Strategy: Define Turn-Key’s Ideal Client Profile (ICP) and Elevate their Messaging

During the onboarding process, MarketJoy learned about Turn-Key’s unique selling proposition (USP), target market, and how to position our client in a way that would compel prospects to respond.

On a mission to create the most effective campaign possible, we identified their best target prospects and fleshed out their main value props to make them more likely to resonate.



In the initial email sequence MarketJoy created for Turn-Key, the first two emails were geared toward directing us to the most relevant contact. Over hundreds of lead generation campaigns, we’ve learned that this is an effective strategy for getting people to respond. The next two emails were more direct, asking for a brief meeting with the prospect to discuss Turn-Key’s services.

When the campaign went live, we sent thousands of emails to their ideal prospects. Throughout the campaign, we continuously monitored results and optimized the messaging based on market feedback. MarketJoy is extremely dedicated to A/B testing and refining campaigns as we gather additional data.



Results: Strong Campaign ROI Averaging 10 Leads Per Month: 📊

Recognizing the persuasive power of value-driven content, MarketJoy collaborated with Turn-Key Health to develop email copy that would convert. The aim was to create content that addressed the pain points of their target audience head-on, fostering a sense of trust and supporting their claims expertise delivering palliative care.

This tactic allowed Turn-Key Health to connect more deeply with potential clients, increasing their credibility and appeal in a highly competitive healthcare market.

Within the first few months of launching the campaign, we were averaging 10 high-quality leads each month.


A blend of targeted messaging and hyper-focused list creation generated solid ROI for Turn-Key on this campaign.

By creating a bespoke strategy to cut through the noise, we zoned in on Turn-Key’s target audience with laser precision, fine-tuning their value propositions to resonate more deeply, and created a strategic blueprint to bring their outbound lead generation to the next level.



Ready to Grow Your Sales Pipeline?

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