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35 High-Value Leads in 90 Days: How MarketJoy Boosted Biddle

It has been a pleasure working in our partnership with the team at MarketJoy. They consistently have open and clear communication on potential market strategizing opportunities as well as being highly receptive to our many requests/customizations. Most importantly, we continue to see a ROI that ensures our partnership will continue through the years.

– John Piatt, VP Of Business Development, Biddle Consulting Group, Inc.


About Biddle: 📝

Biddle Consulting Group, Inc. makes workplace compliance easy for its clients.

Specializing in Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Affirmative Action Plan services (AAP), Biddle makes navigating the complexities of legal compliance and potential litigation easy.
Since 1974, Biddle has worked with thousands of employers — providing litigation support as experts in over 200 state, federal, and circuit court appeal cases.

Their advanced software, TestGenius, enables efficient, fair employee selection and skills testing. This focus on customization, makes Biddle a strategic ally in fostering inclusive, compliant, and effective workplaces.



Biddle’s Quest for Reliable Lead Flow: 🤯

Biddle consulting group’s traditional approach to customer acquisition wasn’t able to produce sales meetings consistently enough. They were attempting to secure appointments with business owners in small to medium companies, but got only a few qualified leads to pitch their consulting services to.

This pushed Biddle to look for a partner who could bring in the right kind of prospects and also ensure a solid return on investment (ROI).

MarketJoy was happy to help.



Designing Biddle’s Distinct Strategy 🎯

  1. Deep Dive Onboarding: We began with a detailed onboarding session to understand their ideal prospects, what makes Biddle stand out from the competition, and what they’ve tried before in terms of outreach.
  2. Custom Campaign Crafting: After identifying their best target prospects using our proprietary software, we highlighted Biddle’s value proposition and positioned them as unique in the market.
  3. Impactful Communication: We put together clear and compelling messaging to catch the attention of our target list, highlighting Biddle’s know-how and what they have to offer.


Here’s how we operationalized that strategy:

Prospect List Development: built a custom list of potential clients tailored to their needs

Email Campaign Launch: Kicked off a multi-step email campaign at scale, highlighting what Biddle has to offer.

Continuous Optimization: consistently managed and optimized the campaign for maximum deliverability, open rates, replies, and booked meetings.



Biddle’s Breakthrough: 35 Leads in 3 Months:

In the consulting space, even one closed prospect is a huge win. We started out delivering several appointments as tests and tweaked the leads over the following weeks by listening to Biddle’s feedback.

But how did we manage to create such a surge in booked demos? Instead of simply delivering more volume (as you so often see in the industry), we created an irresistible offer tailored for the industries our client wanted to reach.

The result? An impressive 35 qualified leads for Biddle in just the first three months.




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