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How MarketJoy powered to close 2 Major Deals in just 2 Months!

Unleashing the Power of Lead Generation

“I’ve used 5 appointment setting services over the past few years, in addition to a couple of internal SDR’s. This was the first team to be profitable almost immediately out of the gate. Usually, it takes 4 or 5 months before you know if the relationship is working out, but we had 2 deals close within 2 months of starting. They nailed our ICP and got us on the phone with people who were ready to buy.”

Jason Labriola, Head of Business Development & Partnerships at


About is a pioneering cloud-based system that utilizes A.I for market analysis, enabling businesses across various sectors to boost ROI via improved SEO rankings and streamlined marketing efforts.
Their simple yet powerful platform provides unparalleled keyword research, in-depth competitor and market analysis, and integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics to offer live dashboard features for real-time campaign performance tracking.

Overcoming Challenge to Stand Out in a Competitive Market

Despite excelling in offering high-quality leads to their clients, faced a dilemma.
Many of their in-house SEO leads were unqualified – often small businesses that couldn’t afford their services. This mismatch led to an unnecessary drain on time and resources.
Also, in an industry bustling with competitors, differentiating their offerings and capturing the attention of potential clients posed a significant challenge.
Before hiring MarketJoy, they tried a couple of other lead generation agencies and some internal SDRs, but they yielded inconsistent results. Some of their efforts yielded decent results, but they soon tapered off and others struck out immediately.
So their search for a reliable lead generation partner, capable of crafting persuasive messages and proactively handling issues, led them to MarketJoy.


Setting the Objective sought to create a steady flow of outbound leads, scheduling qualified meetings and demos with SEO managers and key decision-makers who not only fit their ideal customer profile but were also prepared to invest.

Crafting a Customized Strategy with MarketJoy

  • Our collaboration kicked off with an in-depth onboarding process, familiarizing ourselves with’s unique selling propositions, target market, and the best approach to position their offer compellingly.
  • This groundwork allowed us to design a bespoke campaign, focusing on their optimal target prospects and articulating their main value propositions.
  • Following the initial strategy phase, we launched a multi-step cold call and email campaign targeting their ICP. By rigorously split-testing, we fine-tuned the most effective email templates and honed in on the most responsive target industries.


Reaping Results: From Warm-up to Win

  • The first month saw us warming up the campaign, sending out a controlled volume of emails that were essential for setting the stage. While this period didn’t yield immediate results, the second month ushered in a breakthrough. We successfully generated six high-quality leads, out of which secured two major contracts.
  • Our balanced mix of targeted marketing and focused prospecting helped realize substantial ROI since our partnership’s inception. Despite only working together for a few months, our relationship continues to grow, with MarketJoy generating 4-5 qualified leads each month.
  • Today, with MarketJoy’s consistent support, has firmly established itself as a front-runner in the industry. The road ahead appears promising as we continue to bolster their lead generation.



Your Next Step towards Scalable Lead Generation

If you’re looking to augment your lead generation beyond traditional word of mouth and referrals, engage with our team of experts at MarketJoy. We’re here to propel your business to new heights.

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